Wrath Month

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WaPo's Anthony Oliveira promotes the idea of an LGBTQ Wrath Month:

It is difficult, as with any meme that reaches critical mass, to tell how this month of wrath began, but it originated online almost certainly as a joke: What comes after Pride? Wrath.

It hinges on an old dig, one straight people have been making as long as we've been willing to stand up "with pride" -- that pride is among the worst of the seven deadly sins and that we have adopted it proudly, an ineluctable sign of our spiritual damage.

Theologically speaking, pride turns itself inward; it beholds the self and deems it sufficient. But what happens when we turn that gaze outward?

You guessed it: wrath. Stupid shit like "Heterosexual Pride Day" only serves to catalyze the reaction:

Love is not love when you do not have to fight for it.

Stonewall. The White Night Riots. ACT UP. Wrath Month is a chance to remember that before our symbol was a rainbow, it was a hurled brick.

Civility be damned, then, along with everything else about us. Let justice be done, though the heavens themselves may fall. To our people: Let nothing stand which offends your dignity. To our allies: Help us, really help us, or get out of the way. To our enemies: This army of lovers will stamp out your bigotry.

And to all: I wish you a furious Wrath Month.

Bil Browning concurs, writing, "Happy Wrath Month. May your justice be swift and furious."

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