running the multitasking gauntlet

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BigThink's Kevin Dickinson points out that multitasking is killing your productivity. Here's the scene he sets:

You begin the project your boss wants by end of the day and put on The Office for background noise. You get a good flow going just before receiving an email, and you start to write a response, but then a coworker hails you from across the open office right when an instant message pops onto your screen with a hilarious meme, and you try to help one coworker while letting the other know you appreciate the LOLs, but then you realize you can't remember which of your 15 browser tabs were for the project and which were for the email, and now the phone is ringing.

Welcome to the modern American workday, a multitasking gauntlet from start to finish.

While managers view multitasking as a means to increase productivity, neuroscientists couldn't disagree more.

Management's view wins, of course, despite being devoid of facts. "Are you a multitasking junkie looking to sober up and de-stress?" Dickinson asks before offering a laundry list of techniques for managing multi-tasking demands--most of which you've probably seen before. "All of this," he admits, is "easier said than done:"

Focus isn't easy. Distraction is what our minds do, and it isn't helped by our always-on, instant-results culture. To implement these changes, you may need to have a difficult talk with your manager about the benefits of monotasking. But the benefits to your productivity and work-life balance will be well worth the effort.

Don't let management demand that you run the multitasking gauntlet--it's not good for anyone.

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