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Slate's Matthew Dessem pegs Ditko's high-water mark as "a legendary early 1960s run during which he helped develop Iron Man and the Hulk, was instrumental in creating Spider-Man, and created Dr. Strange:"

Ditko's art, particularly for Dr. Strange, was characterized by the use of abstract and psychedelic images, making it a hit with Eastern-mysticism-curious young people of the 1960s. As sort of a one-two punch with the pop mysticism, Ditko also used his work to explore Randian Objectivism, inventing a Spider-Man villain called the Looter.

After leaving Marvel in 1965, Ditko went deeper into the world of Ayn Rand, creating Objectivist superheroes The Question and Mr. A, the latter of whom was named for "A is A,' a slogan from Atlas Shrugged.

NYT's Andy Webster fine-tunes this emphasis:

Though Mr. Ditko had a hand in the early development of other signature Marvel characters -- especially the sorcerer Dr. Strange -- Spider-Man was his definitive character, and for many fans he was Spider-Man's definitive interpreter.

Mr. Ditko was noted for his cinematic storytelling, his occasional flights into almost psychedelic abstraction, and the philosophical convictions that often colored his work. Scrupulously private, he had a mystique rare among industry superstars. [...]

In "In Search of Steve Ditko" -- a 2007 British documentary narrated by the TV personality Jonathan Ross -- the novelist and comic book writer Alan Moore says that in Mr. Ditko's work there was "a tormented elegance to the way the characters stood, the way that they bent their hands."

He added, "They always looked as if they were on the edge of some kind of revelation or breakdown."

Here is the first of the documentary's seven parts:

NPR refers to the statement from Marvel Comics' head Joe Quesada:

Only a small group of individuals can claim that they have effected and redefined not just an industry, but popular culture worldwide. Steve Ditko was one of those few who dared to break molds every time his pencil and pen hit a blank sheet of paper. In his lifetime he blessed us with gorgeous art, fantastical stories, heroic characters and a mystical persona worthy of some of his greatest creations. And much like his greatest co-creation, Steve Ditko's legend and influence will outlive us all.

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