Millennials on LGBTQ issues

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The Advocate analyzes Millennials' support for LGBTQ rights over "homosexuality:"

While nearly every question on our survey indicated overwhelming support for the rights and equality of LGBT individuals and communities, there was one puzzling finding. At the end of our survey, we used an often-asked question, "Has homosexuality led to a deterioration of morality in this country?" Even though a majority of millennials disagreed with this statement, a significant number (41 agreed) agreed. Even more surprisingly, 21 percent of LGBTQ millennials agreed.

What are we to make of this contradiction in beliefs? First, this is the only place in the survey where we used the word "homosexuality." That word may be a trigger inscribed in our culture as something bad and deviant. It is also possible that for millennials "homosexuality" may mean something quite different than the more familiar "LGBTQ." This is a contradiction Millennials (and we) will have to work out over time. It should remind us of all the work that remains to be done and how little we should take for granted when it comes to educating young people about the reality of LGBTQ lives, especially the lives of young queers of color.

The study "GenForward June 2018 Report - Millennial Attitudes on LGBT Issues: Race, Identity, and Experience" (PDF), notes that "Approximately 14% of Millennials identify as LGBTQ:"


"We wanted to know whether such racial and ethnic differences in opinions are evident among Millennials in their support for LGBT issues," the study continues:


While in each of these areas Millennials are generally supportive and hold predominantly liberal attitudes, we have found variation by race and ethnicity that is important for a fuller understanding of Millennials and their attitudes. Our data also suggest that even though on most issues Millennials are ready to support a progressive agenda of equality, significant numbers of young adults also believe that "the increasing acceptance of homosexuality in our society is causing a deterioration of morality."

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