"fear over hope"

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I had heard about the ridiculous Trump rally last Thursday, but hadn't seen the video until now:

There are so many things wrong with this Cretin-in-Chief that I scarcely know where to begin, but John Fea notes that none of them affects the support he still receives from 'intellectually lazy' Christians. "For the last year," he writes, "I have been thinking deeply about why so many of my fellow evangelical Christians support Donald Trump:"

I have wondered why they backed his zero-tolerance immigration plan that separated families at the border. I have tried to make sense of why some of them give him a "mulligan" (to use Family Research Council President Tony Perkins' now famous phrase) for his alleged adulterous affair with adult film star Stormy Daniels. Why did so many evangelicals remain silent, or offer tepid and qualified responses, when Trump equated white supremacists and their opponents in Charlottesville, Virginia last summer?

What kind of power does Trump hold over men and women who claim to be followers of Jesus Christ? Evangelical support for Trump goes much deeper than simply a few Supreme Court justices.

"Trump's win," he continues, "was just the latest manifestation of a long-standing evangelical approach to politics:"

Ever since World War II, white evangelicals in the United States have waged a desperate and largely failing war against thickening walls of separation between church and state, the removal of Christianity from public schools, the growing ethnic and religious diversity of the country, the intrusion of the federal government into their everyday lives (especially as it pertains to desegregation and civil rights), and legalized abortion. [...]

Evangelical support for Donald Trump is also rooted in nostalgia for a bygone Christian golden age. Instead of doing the hard work necessary for engaging a more diverse society with the claims of Christian orthodoxy, evangelicals are intellectually lazy, preferring to respond to cultural change by trying to reclaim a world that is rapidly disappearing and has little chance of ever coming back.

Trump's constant exhortations to "Believe me" may factor into their gullibility, but Fea's succinct analysis is this:

Why do so many evangelicals believe in Donald Trump? Because they privilege fear over hope, power over humility, and nostalgia over history.

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