Cohen to sing?

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Leo Vidal's speculation that Trump is terrified at the possibility of Cohen singing to the feds. Vidal provides "five reasons, with brief explanations of why each one is really bad news for the president:"

1. Cohen apparently made illegal payments on Trump's behalf.

Not only did Cohen pay off Stormy Daniels (and possibly other women that Donald Trump had sex with) but he also is being investigated for bank fraud and wire fraud. As Trump's "fixer" Cohen was at the center of and a participant in many of Trump's crimes and indiscretions.

2. Cohen kept a lot of evidence.

This is really, really, really bad news. Cohen apparently recorded all of his conversations, and the FBI has all of them. He also kept every piece of paper, and the FBI has over a million documents they obtained by raiding Cohen.

3. Cohen can't be pardoned.

The State of New York does not need any federal charges to put Cohen (and perhaps Trump) in jail for the rest of his life. And as we all know, a president has no authority to pardon a criminal convicted of state crimes. Bye, Bye Michael.

4. Cohen dealt with Russia during the campaign.

The evidence that the FBI obtained from raiding Cohen may be enough by itself to prove collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign.

5. Cohen may have collected bribes after Trump's election.

Michael Cohen is at fault for the crimes he committed, and he knows he can't blame anyone else, including Donald Trump, for what he did. But he also is smart enough to know that there is only one way out for him: to fully cooperate with federal and state prosecutors to receive leniency in charges and in sentencing.

In light of the Stephanopoulos interview, Jon Chait wonders in the pages of New York magazine, "What would it mean for Trump if Cohen turns on him? The short answer is, it would be extremely bad."

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