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Brian Andersen asks at The Advocate, what's so queer about Supergirl?

Supergirl has it all, she just needed that one special story to really cement her gay icon status; that one tale that will forever help to define her and the important role she plays in our superhero pop culture world. Enter: Supergirl: Being Super.

"Supergirl: Being Super," writes Andersen, "is the perfect modern allegory for queer youth:"

Supergirl is forced to hide a huge part of herself to avoid exposing herself; she has to play a part to show that she isn't as different. Supergirl if forced to swallow her light, her uniqueness, from the rest of her friends on Earth so that she can survive high school. What queer person can't relate to that?

The book is brave and smart because it deviates from the past Supergirl stories by providing readers with the most defining version of the character without all the continuity baggage (...). Supergirl: Being Super is, as Tamaki puts it, "purely her own origin story" outside of Superman. The Man of Steel isn't even featured throughout the comic (except for one page that I won't spoil). Supergirl: Being Super serves as a thoroughly important love letter to her legendary status while taking the time to explore an entirely new defining story meant to explore the girl behind the super.

Also, one of Supergirl's BFF's in the story is Dolly, a lesbian who, as Tamaki puts, is a "fierce individual who has no problem talking about her passion for women." She's out and proud in her school and unapologetically queer and unspoken. She's the gay version of Superman's pal Jimmy Olsen, only Dolly is treated as an equal.

"Tamaki is optimistic his take on Supergirl will find queer converts," concludes Andersen. "Even if you don't think Supergirl is your thing, pick it up."

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