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Judah Taylor writes that "President Donald Trump attacked the news media and defended his tweeting habit Tuesday in the most Trump way possible: with a typo-tainted tweet:"


Trump's relentless trolling has more than a few people wondering, as does Jeremy Sherman, how can we fight Right-wing trolls and actually win?

The right has become an epidemic of exhibitionists. Right-wing trolls sidle up to people on TV, the internet and in person pretending that they want a reasoned discussion. When they've got your attention, they open their trench coats to show off their firm pointy little "truths," anticipating your reaction. It gets them excited to see you respond in predictable ways. They have themselves a little trollgasm, proving to themselves once again that they've found the formula for flummoxing everyone always.

We react predictably, either with tolerance in the name of civility, gut fury, or by walking away in disgust. The troll exhibitionists are prepared for everything we serve up. That's what their formula is all about. They pretend it's about high-minded principles and policy but, of course it isn't.

"However decent they are in everyday life," Sherman suggests, in this sport of theirs they're just gloataholics addicted to trollgasms." His suggestion to us is that "You've got to flummox the exhibitionist troll:"

It's not easy since the whole point of their formula is besting you no matter what you serve up. Still, it's not impossible once you recognize that their MO is engineered only to beat predictable leftist responses. So try something new, in other words surprising. Disorient them with some response they aren't prepared for, something that shakes them out of their gloataholic ecstasy.

"Here are a few of many tips I can offer," he writes, "based on my ongoing trial-and-error practice sparring with and disappointing right-wing trolls:"

Talk past them: Fight them with an audience looking on, and then demean them by talking past them to the audience. "See what he did there?" They love an audience since they're Trump and Hannity wannabes. They want you to interview them as though they're authorities. You can play the audience to your advantage, not theirs. [...]

George Bernard Shaw said, "Never fight with a pig. You'll just get dirty and the pig likes it," but it turns out you can never say never. There will be pigs you'll have to fight. You will get dirty, but there's no alternative. If you have to get dirty, at least fight to win and make sure the pig doesn't like it.

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