What is Marxism?

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Ataraxik answers the question What is Marxism? this way:

In a nutshell, Marxism can be summarized with one sentence: it's the theory that economics is the driving force - or the primary agent - of historical change, and that through class struggle between the working class (wage-laborers) and the bourgeoisie (the people who own the business, property, etc), we'll eventually come to a classless society.

"However," the explanation continues, "there are more tenets of the philosophy," and identifies the following as "The two most important foundations of a Marxian theory:"

Historical Materialism

Historical materialism is an attempt to understand history through the focus on society's development over time.

In other words, the material conditions of a society, ie how wealth is created, distributed, and who is in possession of it, determines how the society organizes itself including all social relations. [...]

Dialectical and Historical Materialism

Regarding dialectical materialism, for Marx and Engels, the material world is something which exists, independently of our perception of it. Ideas can rise only as reflections or products of the material world.

Historical materialism is an extension of dialectical materialism.

How lazy must one be to just scream "totalitarianism!" at every mention of Marx while and ignoring everything that he ever wrote?

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