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Stephen Johnson discusses Apple's ScreenTime app in iOS 12, which "shows you how much time you spend on your phone and lets you limit the amount of time you spend on apps:"

The feature is intended to "customers reduce interruptions and manage screen time for themselves and their families," Apple wrote in a statement.

"Phone addiction has been a growing concern in the U.S.," he reminds us:

Over the past few years, multiple studies have demonstrated links between phone addiction and increased rates of anxiety and depression. According to a 2017 study from Deloitte, 47 percent of smartphone users have at one point attempted to cut back on phone use. The same amount of Americans say they couldn't live without their smartphones.

The health hazards of smartphone addiction aren't lost on big tech companies, as evidenced by the upcoming features from Google and Apple that are literally designed to encourage customers to use their own products less.

But whether those functions will help and whether users will be inclined to self-regulate remain open questions for now.

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