rainbow capitalism

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In discussing rainbow capitalism, Luke Gardner writes that "studies show that the rise in acceptance of queer identities and the mainstreaming of elements of queer culture have created a huge market, a spring of wealth waiting to be sucked dry by whatever means necessary:"

Pride, like every other U.S. holiday, has become an opportunity for businesses to make money. Perhaps because it feels good to be represented by big business, consumers seem to forget that buying Pride-themed products from major corporations does nothing of substance for the LGBTQ community.

"Pride festivals across the globe have become sponsored by big business," Gardner reminds us, "a branding technique that creates an image of inclusiveness for said businesses but does nothing to address issues facing vulnerable members of society..." but consumers shouldn't be afraid to ask difficult questions:

  • "Where does the money go? Are the businesses profiting off of Pride-themed goods donating any proceeds to LGBTQ causes?"
  • "Does the company in question pay employees a living wage? Are they open with sharing workplace conditions, and do they hire underpaid, outsourced labor?"
  • "Is the CEO of said company actively homophobic or transphobic, or do they donate to any organizations or politicians who are?"

Gardner continues:

LGBTQ people still face legal discrimination, hate crimes, homelessness, lack of access to health care and education, poverty and mental illness, and these issues are consistently ignored at Pride festivals.

Pride is a place to address these issues and express solidarity with the individuals in our community who face them. Pride is a place for queer people and allies, not giant corporate entities with questionable intentions.

"As Pride becomes popular," he concludes, "queer people must become more responsible with who we let in our space:"

We must use our platform (and our dollars) to lift up the most vulnerable members of our community, not stock prices. We must not be afraid to reject rainbow capitalism.

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