queer culture and radicalism

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Sky Gilbert wonders, is queer culture losing its radical roots?

If you check out popular Canadian gay magazines such as IN Magazine, OUT Magazine and Gay Living, you may find headlines like: "Gay couple travels across Spain with pets" and "Middle-Age, Sexless Marriage: What's to be Done?" along with the latest news about RuPaul's Drag Race or the new Queer Eye series. Perusing these articles, one wouldn't think gay men had any serious problems at all.

"Depression, suicide and epidemic drug use?" Gilbert wonders. "How can this be? Aren't gay men happy hedonists and rich as hell to boot?"

If the plight of gay men is so dire, why are gay magazines obsessed with pets who travel -- and RuPaul? Why is the message of this year's Pride that gay men are just the same as anyone else -- including, tragically, the victims of serial killers?

Why are gay men dedicated to perpetrating a false image of themselves as not being victims of oppression?

I believe gay men are presently passing through a kind of Stockholm Syndrome in which the captured begin to identify with their captors to such an extent that they wish to become them. In this case, it is the oppressed identifying with their oppressors.

Gilbert wants to remind us that "we all know that racism and homophobia are systemic issues woven throughout our daily lives." He also mentions the renowned Harry Hay (who founded The Mattachine Society in 1950). "I had the privilege of meeting Harry Hay once," he writes, "in a Provincetown restaurant in the '90s. I'll never forget it:"

Harry Hay knew that it was only by the admission of difficult truths that we can ever find the path to true liberation.

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