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Dan Avery laments the lack of LGBT representation in films:

This week GLAAD released its Studio Responsibility Index, a report grading the seven major Hollywood studios on LGBT representation. The results were not good -- in fact, they were the lowest scores since 2012, with numerous studios receiving failing grades.

Even in an age of Love, Simon and Call Me By Your Name, the news isn't surprising.

Part of the problem is the global economy, as "storylines and characters have to pass muster in Indonesia, Russia, China and other countries with records of silencing LGBT voices. It's not ignorance or bigotry keeping Fox from giving us a gay Iceman. It's fear." This leads to "Hollywood's version of 'Don't Ask Don't Tell,' wherein actors and directors are free to discuss queer subtext in movies like Wonder Woman and Star Wars: The Force Awakens [see here]... so long as it stays just subtext:"

We need to stop fawning over, reporting, tweeting and shipping every innuendo and examine representation the same way we would for race or gender. So long as we sheepishly accept hints and nods, that's what we'll get: John Boyega and Oscar Isaac joking that they ship Poe and Finn, too. A Dumbledore who came out posthumously in the footnotes. Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn claiming "there are probably gay characters in the Marvel Universe, you know, we just don't know who they are yet."

The only optimism Avery offers is that "hopefully the younger generation, raised with openly LGBT people in every other aspect of their lives, won't abide it anymore."

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