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Yesterday's revelation that Trump dictated his own (obviously bogus) medical evaluation is nonetheless called a brazen effective lie by The Atlantic, which notes the confession of Harold Bornstein, Trump's gastroenterologist:

"He dictated that whole letter ... and I would tell him what he couldn't put in there. I didn't write that letter," he told CNN. "I just made it up as I went along." That account makes Bornstein a particularly odious kind of liar: the kind whose mendacity undermined democracy by flagrantly misleading the electorate.

"That his lie is now exposed, like so many before it," the piece continues, "is the latest opportunity for Republican elites to level with their base:"

The president and many of his allies are liars--and while they are hardly the first political elites to ever tell lies in national politics, it is partly their unusually flagrant and shameless mendacity that cause the press to treat them with more skepticism and hostility than bygone GOP presidents.

"The fallibility of all humans, including journalists, is as extant now as ever," but the proper context is a broad one:

But Trump also lies frequently in ways that will cause the public to be misinformed if the press covers him with anything less than open skepticism, even as he turns the public against the press to get away with lies in the face of pushback.

Trump is the root of the problem. And his minor enablers, like Bornstein, and his major enablers, like Vice President Mike Pence, harm America with their complicity in the lies that the president tells the citizens he is meant to serve.

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