sleep and electric sheep

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Ed Yong writes about how sleep and creativity are linked, referencing the study "How Memory Replay in Sleep Boosts Creative Problem-Solving" (by Penny Lewis of Cardiff University) about the two main phases of sleep--REM and a deeper sleep called slow-wave sleep (SWS):

During that state, the brain replays memories. For example, the same neurons that fired when a rat ran through a maze during the day will spontaneously fire while it sleeps at night, in roughly the same order. These reruns help to consolidate and strengthen newly formed memories, integrating them into existing knowledge.

"Essentially," summarizes Yong, "non-REM sleep extracts concepts, and REM sleep connects them:"

Lewis is also working with Mark van Rossum from the University of Nottingham to create an artificial intelligence that learns in the way she thinks the sleeping brain does, with "a stage for abstraction and a stage for linking things together," she says.

"So you're building an AI that sleeps?" I ask her.

"Yes," she says.

I wonder if it will dream of electric sheep.


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