public schools are preferable

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Steven Singer has some strong opinions on public schools versus charter schools:

There are good charter schools.

I admit that.

There are bad public schools.

I admit that, too.

But if one had to choose between the worst public school and the best charter school, you'd still be better off with the public school.

He defines charter schools as "schools that are publicly funded but privately run," and continues:

As such, the overwhelming majority have no elected school board, their meetings are held in private, their documents are kept secret, they discriminate in enrollment and they take advantage of a plethora of legal loopholes and bad policy to embezzle funds, overcharge for nonexistent utilities and cut services for students while pocketing the "savings" as profit.

If you can find a charter school that does none of these things - congratulations! You have found a diamond in the rough! But it is a diamond that is more likely to turn to coal the second you turn away.

"Unlike public schools where all the funding has to be spent on student services," he reminds us, "most charter schools are run for profit:"

They are allowed to cut services for students and swipe the savings for their investors. [...] And unlike the public school system where you get a voice in how that money is spent, here you don't get to say a thing.

You just get to pay.

Call me crazy, but I think there's something wrong with that.

"Charter schools are at heart a less democratic system than public schools," he concludes, and "Therefore, public schools are always preferable."

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