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Mark Evanier comments on a Jack Kirby feature by Eric Molinsky for "Jack Kirby's Marvels," an episode of his podcast Imaginary Worlds. Despite the episode short-changing both Kirby's pre-Marvel Era work and his efforts in the late seventies, Evanier remarks that "Jack Kirby's Marvels does good work in highlighting Kirby as Marvel's co-founder:"

Kirby's centrality is never questioned, and Molinsky and company have edited many voices into one succinct, riveting account. Further, the early portion of the 'cast, with the visit to the Tenement Museum, could be eye-opening to many (the tenement segment is great). [...]

Finally, I was disappointed by the episode's ending, which comes down to, simply, a reaffirmation that both "Jack AND Stan mattered"--a conclusion that is hardly surprising, indeed by now has become standard. I guess that was a gesture toward closure, and listeners do need closure--but so much gets swept under the floorboards when we do that.

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