automation and alienation

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Capitalism is unfolding exactly as Marx predicted, writes Olivia Goldhill:

The 20th century political movements that attempted to make Karl Marx's ideas reality may have failed but, 200 years since the philosopher's birth on May 5, 1818, his analysis and foresights have repeatedly proven true. We are, in many ways, living in the world Marx predicted.

Carol Gould, philosophy professor at CUNY's Hunter College, writes that Marx "was not only right about the rise of automation:"

He also predicted globalization and the rising inequality of today, notes Gould. "He was correct that the gap between labor and capital would get worse," she says. Marx predicted that capitalism would lead to "poverty in the midst of plenty," a scenario that's depressingly familiar today. [...]

Meanwhile, as Harvard Business Review points out, contemporary society is characterized by a sense of alienation among workers distanced from the output of their labor, and the fetishization of commodities--both predicted by Marx.

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