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At LGBTQ Nation, Dr. Warren J. Blumenfeld writes about intersectionality and asks,

1) Whether this forum should or should not post material only focused directly and explicitly on "LGBTQ" issues, and 2) Whether or not black LGBTQ people exist, and if they do, whether their one and only social identification should or should not focus exclusively on their sexuality and/or gender identity and expression.

Blumenfeld reminds us that the LGBTQ+ community is itself an intersectional entity [*note below]:

People have, in fact, joined in movements around one or a couple of identities, and they have successfully pushed for social, legislative, and political change. For example, lesbians, gay males, bisexuals, trans, and queer people have come together to increase our visibility in the media and within the larger society.

We have joined in alliance to fight for marriage equality, the right to serve in the military, equality of treatment in housing, employment, insurance coverage, public accommodations, partnership benefits, adoption, and many others concerns.

We have and continue to work to dismantle the social, medical, and religious stigma that have long plagued our lives and our very existence; we have challenged conditions that place our bodies at risk for random acts of violence; we have worked to end the bullying of our youth in the schools and our workers in the workplace; and we have joined to empower each and every one of us to live with pride, dignity, integrity, and authenticity.

Though the political and theocratic Right accuses us of promoting some sort of conspiratorial "gay agenda" on the people of our country, I believe the truism that "Whenever there are two queer people in a room, there will be at least three different opinions."

"Though I continue to engage in identity politics occasionally on particular issues," Blumenfeld continues, "I have come to understand that sexual and gender identities with the social oppressions that come with these are simply not sufficient to connect a community, and by extension, to fuel a movement for progressive social change:"

Therefore, my major focus and energy has been to join and connect with people of similar political ideas and ideologies that cut across individuals from disparate social identities in what some call "idea politics" or "coalition politics."

My motto is: "I don't care who's in your bed. I care instead what's in your head!"

[*note: Years ago, I read an observation about the irony of gay men and lesbians being forced into political proximity specifically because they didn't want to sleep with each other--but I can no longer remember the source.]

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