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Dr. Chris Donaghue proclaims that we are much more sexually fluid than we think, despite that fact that "Very few of us will ever be able to fully overcome socialized homophobia, sex phobia, genital anxiety and slut shaming:"

Authentic sexuality is buried under a lifetime of sexual development, which is a sex-negative bootcamp that works to not develop you but to shame and push you into conformity.

"You are developed away from yourself sexually by your gender," Donaghue writes, "with all its rules and expectations:"

None of that is about authenticity or pleasure; it's about normalization and limits. Fold homophobia and bisexual or pansexual erasure into the mix, and the policing of your sexuality becomes even more powerful.

If you identify as hetero but have sex with other gender expressions, you are seen as "gay." And if you are pan or bi and have sex with the same gender, you are seen as "gay."

A major problem is that "Homophobia doesn't allow for the existence of sexual fluidity:"

The gay community enacts misogyny by calling vaginas gross and sets heavy limits on the possibility of eroticizing the female body, and the hetero community is far from celebrating a guy who sucks cock.

The severe social limits and stigmas placed on anyone wanting to explore sexual fluidity are massive, because few can tolerate actual experimentation and sexual development.

"Shame, labels, gender and sexual orientations," Donaghue continues, "are all methods of policing and confinement, not liberation and sexual honesty:"

Sexual authenticity suffocates within these boundaries and limits. Add in intersectionality and how our other identities (such as race, class, disabilities) impact and further oppress our sexual possibilities and opportunities for expression and exploration, and it's shocking that any arousing sex ever happens at all!

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