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Paul Waldman writes that Trump has never been in more trouble than he is right now, because "federal agents raided the office and home of Michael Cohen, President Trump's personal lawyer:"

Yet despite how rare an action it is to pierce attorney-client privilege this way, the big-picture story here seems inevitable: Once a serious prosecutor with resources and authority began taking a good long look at Trump and his associates, a bunch of people were going to be in big trouble, with some winding up behind bars.

Waldman spoke to former U.S. attorney Barbara McQuade, and uses her expertise in his analysis:

The upshot: The Cohen raid isn't a "fishing expedition," and didn't happen because Mueller suspected he might find something interesting, despite how Trump himself and his defenders would like to characterize it as a case of a special prosecutor out of control.

"A judge has found probable cause to believe that evidence of a crime is housed in the office of Michael Cohen," McQuade told me. "They may have a goal of flipping him, but there's also evidence of a crime here." [...]

The raid on Cohen's office and home could produce all kinds of evidence -- some related to his relationship with his client, and some not. They've got files, computers, cellphones, everything. Anyone who knows Cohen knows there is bound to be a whole lot of interesting stuff to be found.

"Making this more problematic," Waldman continues, "Trump isn't someone who played close to the line a time or two, or once did a shady deal. He may well be the single most corrupt major business figure in the United States of America:"

He ran scams like Trump University to con struggling people out of their money. He lent his name to pyramid schemes. He bankrupted casinos and still somehow made millions while others were left holding the bag. He refused to pay vendors. He exploited foreign workers. He used illegal labor. He discriminated against African American renters. He violated Federal Trade Commission rules on stock purchases. He did business with the mob and with Eastern European kleptocrats. His properties became the go-to vehicle for Russian oligarchs and mobsters to launder their money.

So it was no accident that when he ran for president, the people who joined him in his quest were also a collection of grifters, liars, and crooks -- people such as Paul Manafort. Those were the kind of operators Trump has attracted all his life. Honest, upright people with a deep respect for the law don't go to work for Donald Trump.

"Things were bad for Trump before. But they just got a whole lot worse," concurs Dr. Mark Bear at Politicus USA. Bear cites GOP strategist Steve Schmidt's appearance on The Eleventh Hour with Brian Williams as being especially revealing in his assessment of Trump:

"We see Donald Trump with his arms crossed, like a dime-store Mussolini, saying [...] that anything that endangers him politically or otherwise legally, is in fact, an attack on the country. That the leader and the country are synonymous. And that just goes to show the degree to which Donald Trump doesn't understand the United States of America.

"It was disturbing to watch him in action today; it was disturbing to see how he operates, but his reaction is obvious because this scandal has moved another giant step closer to the Oval Office."

"I think what the prosecutors have done is that the empowering of the Special Counsel, that they've looked inside the Trump organization," he adds, "they've looked at this collusion issue, but what they've found is that there is corruption everywhere:"

So, everywhere you look, there seems to be the stench of corruption, and I think this is just another piece of evidence in what we're going to see unfold that before very long the extent of the shambolic Trump's organization's corruption, and the dirtiness around this administration.

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