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PoliticusUSA's Jason Easley has a nice video clip of John Oliver talking about the NRA's dirty little secret--feeding the fear that I mentioned earlier:

The highlight might well be Loesch's comment that "The only way we save our country and our freedom is to fight this violence of lies with the clenched fist of truth" being mocked by Oliver as "just a little past the bent elbow of nonsense and hiding in the overstuffed pocket of overly aggressive metaphors." As Easley continues, "NRATV is QVC for guns:"

NRATV isn't interested in protecting the rights of gun owners. The network is set up to do one thing, and that is to motivate people to buy more guns. The NRA hides behind the Second Amendment and bogus claims that they are a membership organization for gun owners, but what kind of membership organization is only interested in moving more merchandise?

Liberal America comments that,

Oliver's biting commentary on the NRA's naked attempts at brainwashing women into buying guns is just one example of how the gun lobby has burrowed into every aspect of American society like a gluttonous tick with an insatiable appetite for blood.

Crooks and Liars remarks that,

At this point the NRA is trying the double down move, which is a sure sign that their "silence after a shooting incident until it blows over" habit isn't working.

and The Nation's Scot Nakagawa writes that NRA TV is no joke:

NRA TV is directly speaking to the group Donald Trump referred to as "Second Amendment people" in a campaign speech many read as an incitement to violent action from gun advocates if the election were "rigged" and Hillary Clinton won.

Trump's "Second Amendment people" include the Patriot Movement, a network made up of groups like the Bundy bunch that famously staged a 41-day armed occupation of the Malheur County Wildlife Refuge in Burns, Oregon, in January 2016. The animating, radicalizing core ideology of that movement is violent white nationalism. NRA TV ideologically trains these front-line troops, which many believe will only grow more dangerous as the Trump presidency continues, particularly if he is perceived to be under attack, scandalized, and humiliated. That's no joke.

Trump is like a fetish object for far right, whose rage is not really animated by corrupt banks, failing government, the rise of the 1 percent, and globalization. These forces may create the underlying conditions for the rise of radical movements, but what animates movements on the right--the demons that drive them to action and keep them tucked into Trumpist foolishness--is their hatred of people like us. We are the targets of their rage specifically because they're losing cultural currency as we grow in cultural influence. We have become proxies for all of the ills of society. For these radical elements of the white-identity movement, the stockpiling of guns is one way of signaling in-group belonging, their commitment to the past in a world where they are losing the future, and, of course, their possession of the ultimate tools of the bully.

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