Hawking's smooth exit

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Stephen Hawking's final paper is "an astounding farewell," writes Robby Berman at BigThink. "Stephen Hawking will never know if there really are multiple universes," Berman writes, "but he's left behind a hell of a parting shot: a test that could prove or disprove their existence:"

On March 4, a mere 10 days before he died, the theoretical physicist signed off on the final corrections for one last paper, "A Smooth Exit from Eternal Inflation." It proposes a data-collection mission for a deep-space probe, and it lays out the math for discerning the telltale signs of a multiverse in its data. How thrilling would it be if Hawking's final formula answers one of his most provocative questions?

The paper is still under review by a "leading journal," according to The Times, and hasn't been published yet. It was co-authored by theoretical physicist Thomas Hertog of KU Leuven University in Belgium. Work on the paper concluded at Hawking's deathbed, says The Times. [...]

Their paper asserts that evidence for multiple universes should be contained in background radiation from the beginning of time and that it should be measurable using the pair's new equations once a deep-space probe has made certain measurements.

"Leave it to Hawking to blow our minds one final, spectacular time," Berman concludes.

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