Sheriff Clarke's "classic" lie

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Sheriff Clarke lies, as Crooks and Liars' Heather points out:

If former Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke is known for one thing, it's his irresponsible rhetoric. The most recent and egregious example came just a few days ago when he managed to get himself suspended from Twitter for his tweets threatening violence against the media.

Heather also noted that this tweet made a "wild and baseless accusation" against Hillary:

LYING Lib media spreads FAKE NEWS about me and @realDonaldTrump to fool their liberal followers into believing LIES because as Mrs. Bill Clinton once said, "Look, the average DEMOCRAT VOTER is just plain STUPID. They're easy to manipulate." Classic!

-- David A. Clarke, Jr. (@SheriffClarke) December 30, 2017

In fact, as Snopes remarked, what's "classic" about Clarke's tweet is his mendacity:

"This statement was not uttered by Hillary Clinton, nor was it published in the 2005 book Rewriting History by Dick Morris as something she ostensibly said. We found no record of this quote in any major publication or news account. In fact, the first mention of this item came in October 2015, more than a decade after Morris' book was published, on a Tumblr page dedicated to generating fake Hillary Clinton quotes."

As Heather remarks, "It's no wonder that Clarke is such a good fit for his current job working for POTUS (Piece Of Totally Useless Shit) Trump. They're practically twitter soulmates."

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