The vast right-wing...VORTEX?!

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In his piece "Welcome to the Vortex," Todd Gitlin decries "the sheer breakdown of the truth-telling imperative" and observes that "the mainstream media are only part -- a significant part, but only a part -- of an interlocking ecology of falsification that has driven the country around the bend:"

I've decided to devote myself this coming year to an effort to take seriously the far-flung warp-world, the force-field of distortion and derangement that generates and circulates propaganda, fabrications, sloppy thinking and straight-out nihilism which dominates the beliefs, if we can use that word, of the Republican Party, and which large numbers of Americans have come to accept as a baseline for what they call reality. What bent world do the purveyors live in? What's the method to their legacy? Can we say anything to clarify what they're on about? [...]

Over recent decades, a poison cloud of right-wing propaganda has been pumped into living rooms. The poisoners have been called an "echo chamber," a "vast right-wing conspiracy," Fox and Friends, "barking heads" or, most anodyne, "conservative media" [and] This propaganda enterprise owns a major political party which has floated crazy, fruitless, indictmentless investigations and insinuations with apparently permanent standing in the Congress of the United States and all over the airwaves for a quarter century now. Whitewater! Vince Foster! Benghazi! Emails! Emails!

"I am going to call the totality of this enterprise The Vortex," he writes, "which stands for: VOices of RT-wing Extremism." He then excoriates the lot of them:

Breitbart "News" and its fellow travelers do not belong to news organizations. [...] business is to circulate propaganda. And in this benighted age of low-cost internet access, they have a business model that works. By keeping their base in a state of simple frenzy, they win back, and back, and back their core of customers.

"The Joneses, the Bannons, the Hannitys are not lovers of freedom, democracy, justice or truth," he continues:

Their cynicism is breathtaking. They believe in nothing but raw power, above all the power of their own braying. They believe in nothing else. Nothing. They are hatred incarnate in suits on the payrolls of billionaires. [...] We may not be interested in right-wing lunacy, but it's interested in us, our republic and our capacity to know the truth. So we must know it to someday, somehow, set ourselves free.

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