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"This Is Some Bullshit Right Here," writes The Rude Pundit:

I didn't watch the Inauguration [...] But I did read Trump's address, and it was a warmed-over stump speech, filled with the kinds of baffling, weird, and apocalyptic rhetoric that propelled him to become head chalk eraser clapper at the special school.

The Rude Pundit then wonders, "when the hell did he write this speech?"

"We stand at the birth of a new millennium, ready to unlock the mysteries of space, to free the Earth from the miseries of disease, and to harness the energies, industries and technologies of tomorrow," as if the millennium isn't already 17 years old. The birth happened, man. And, Jesus fuck, who is it that wants to gut the programs that look into diseases and alternative energies?

"Like most of what we heard from Trump," he continues, "it was bullshit:"

Trump didn't ask us to do anything other than believe in him. He offered a dark vision of what the nation is, full of "carnage" and "blood" and "tombstones" and "rust," the kind of thing you would think you see when you walk out of a gold-plated condo and into the rest of the nation. A shit speech by a shit human.

Even the Rude Pundit sees a glimmer of hope:

The only good thing about today is that we can finally move past the dread of a Trump presidency to discovering what exactly we're going to be up against in the coming years. This sad day has come, sadly attended, and now we can finally start counting down the days until this detour into stupidity and self-destruction ends.

Slate's analysis of Trump's terrifying speech by Dahlia Lithwick notes the absence of some vitally important words: "Constitution," "democracy," "liberty," and "equality." She also identifies other lapses:

Trump seems virtually unaware that presidential powers have constitutional limits or that judges strive to apply neutral law regardless of the named parties. He seems uninterested in the fact that governmental checks and balances make us all more free. He is unburdened by the knowledge that protest, assembly, and a free press are the cornerstones of liberty. So nobody should be surprised that not a word about the courts, the law, or the Constitution were uttered today, or that law to him means "law enforcement officers" and nothing more. We should be terrified, though.

These worrisome observations are somewhat leavened by the humorous note that Trump scotch-taped his tie (again): "the luxurious new President-elect decided to wear scotch tape on his ill-fitting tie, an apparently regular style decision for him."


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