running America--Right into the ground

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The Radical Right runs America, explains Claire Conner [author of Wrapped in the Flag (Beacon 2013)]:

When a radical right-wing president embraces authoritarian ideas, there is no place to work with the man. Who can find common ground with a president who opens an investigation into fictional voter fraud? Wake up, Dems. Trump's planning to expand the extensive voter suppression that's already happening.

When Trump talks about torture as a way to gather information, he's not confused. And he's not kidding. He's building support for waterboarding and hanging people on hooks, and stripping prisoners naked and threatening them with dogs.

When he signs orders that would allow him to pick up people who haven't committed a crime and to suggest that he'd send the army to Chicago, he's not far from fascism.

And Democrats are going to work with this man. How could they?

"The radical right has been plotting, planning, organizing, and propagandizing for decades with one goal in mind," she continues, "to rip progressive government out at the root. They know how to do this:"

  1. Keep telling Americans that government is bad, expensive, and useless
  2. Point fingers at undeserving people who are stealing money from real Americans
  3. Explode the deficit (Reagan and Bush for example), while promising to fight out of control liberal spending.
  4. Start wars, expand the military, push money to domestic surveillance, cut taxes for the rich, cut regulations.
  5. Paint welfare, foreign aid, immigrants and as the causes of our problems.
  6. Preach the need to balance the budget in order to prevent looming economic collapse.
  7. Propose and pass drastic spending cuts that cripple and eventually kill programs that help people.
  8. Tell Americans that these cuts are the only way to save Medicare, Social Security, Medicaid, food stamps, unemployment compensation, and public schools.
  9. Attack anyone who fights back as un-American, lazy, a liberal scumbag
  10. Insult the media and restrict voting.

"These steps worked so perfectly that Trump is the president," she reminds us. Also pertinent is the fact that "Donald Trump's power comes from the GOP's power:"

They control 35 states, the House, the Senate, the Executive branch. In a few months - unless Democrats fight a pitched battle and win it--they will cement control of the Supreme Court for decades.

If we want to change this situation, we have to push our Democrats in the Senate and the House to say NO to every Trump appointment, every Trump nominee, and every Trump initiative.

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