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Whether it's adding President Obama to Mount Rushmore or giving free cars to welfare recipients, notes MediaMatters, Facebook's fake news problem means that biased BS is pushed to nearly five million followers:

"The Facebook page for Proud To Be Conservative, with more than 1.5 million followers," notes MediaMatters, "also exclusively shares content from the AmericanNews.com website:"

American News posts -- whether sharing fake news or pushing highly partisan and heavily spun content -- have several traits that are common to the content pushed by fake news purveyors: They use classic clickbait headlines, actively seek to confirm far-right ideology, and exploit bigotry and biases.

MediaMatters continues by noting that "the distinct problem of fake news has several unique symptoms, including a startling level of opacity, which is exemplified by American News:"

Hyperpartisan pages that push fake news stories [....] like American News, often make it nearly impossible to find any information about the people contributing to their pages or the entities operating them -- even as they rake in tens of thousands of dollars in advertising revenue. This secrecy allows them to remain unaccountable for the content they share, which often includes copied or plagiarized content from other such sites, shared to further spread patently false information.

In summary, "the social media giant clearly has more work to do in addressing its fake news problem; without action, it remains complicit in American News' deceptive fake news tactics."

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