defying the Trumpocalypse

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Thanks to Mock Paper Scissors for linking to Mark Morford's "remarkable post" entitled This Way to the Resistance. In it, Morford presents a "guide to defying the Trumpocalypse:"

These are the groups. These are the resources, the publications, the articles, the essential tools, the warriors both veteran and upstart, each and every one dedicated to fighting the Trumpocalypse and advocating for human rights, civil liberties, the safety and dignity of immigrants, minorities and refugees, of the LGBT community, of women's health, science, the arts, sanctuary, your own tremulous and terrified heart. Also hope, kindness and just the type of fundamental human decency that was spit upon and stomped to the ground on November 8th.

"let's be absolutely clear: This is the time," he declares:

It is, tragically and rather gruesomely, unlike any time in recent U.S. history, as the world bears sickened witness to America's sudden lurch toward tyranny, toward a flatulent fascism like we've never really known, a complete upheaval and molestation of America's truest values.

Those events, groups, newsletters, and articles should be bookmarked--I fear that they'll be all-too-necessary in the near future. As MPS writes:

When you read his post you'll see that a huge swath of America is rising up to say Not In My Country, Asshole! This is not some sprinkling of coastal elites who are resisting, Trump is creating the environment where people all across America are resisting his fascist agenda. Have some cheer. Hug your friends and families, and help the people who are frightened (that's pretty much all of us).

And punch a Nazi. It is what Indiana Jones --and Wonder Woman-- would do.

For encouragement, see this image:

(unknown; also a mural in Philadelphia)

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