the blue wall

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Ronald Brownstein asks, is Trump outflanking Clinton?

The Clinton team's decision to focus so much more attention on states that it wants to win--as opposed to those it believes it needs to win--represents one of the central, if often unremarked upon, choices of the 2016 election. It has allowed her to play offense for most of the general election, while forcing rival Donald Trump to spend most of his energy defending states more indispensable to his strategy than to hers.

He fears that Clinton "has left herself open to a flanking maneuver from Trump in any of the seemingly safe Democratic states that he is now targeting--key among them Colorado, Michigan, and Wisconsin:"

Almost all analysts agree that Clinton has more plausible options for reaching an Electoral College majority than Trump does. And among analysts from both parties, there's broad agreement about the states that offer her the most straightforward path to victory. That path starts with the 18 states that form the blue wall, a term I coined in 2009. These states have backed the Democratic nominee in at least the past six presidential elections; together with the District of Columbia, they offer 242 Electoral College votes. [...]

Clinton's electoral map thus starts with defending Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin, the three loosest bricks in the blue wall.

Let's hope that her victory is a resounding one--so that Trump can go back to his reality-TV sandbox, and stay out of the news.

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