paramilitary priorities

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TruthOut is aghast at how militarized cops are being schooled in terror, noting that one consequence is "the ongoing transformation of Chicago's municipal police into a paramilitary:"

At the same time, funding for social services continues to shrivel. The city's infrastructure for public education continues to suffer. As the month of October began, teachers were already gearing up for another strike against school closures and the prospect of working without a contract.

"No militarized training would be complete without assault weapon exercises," the piece continues, and "many trainings get federal financial support:"

The Department of Homeland Security has a grant program, the Urban Area Security Initiative (UASI), allocating millions of dollars to qualifying city areas. This current of money joins a historical torrent of capital that the federal government bequeathed police looking to acquire paramilitary capabilities, which began with the oft-touted 1033 Program. Passed by Congress in the late 1990s, this program authorizes transfers of surplus military equipment to municipal law enforcement on request.

Here's the chilling summary:

Federal money has essentially been channeled into an infrastructure that monitors, controls and represses poorer communities that bear the brunt of racism, rather than providing economic support to poorer communicates and reviving the social and educational institutions needed to create a less violent future.

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