Trump's biggest con

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TruthOut wonders if Trump can pull off his biggest con:

As a well-known huckster of everything from luxury condos to Trump Steaks, he has managed to pull the biggest con of all: representing himself as a champion of hard-working Americans facing threats from trade or immigration.

For someone whose "brand" has always been about flaunting his (real or imagined) wealth, that's a feat of P.T. Barnum-esque proportions.

TruthOut notes that David Cay Johnston's book The Making of Donald Trump "chronicles someone who exemplifies the 'rigged' game that big business and the political establishment plays:"

Trump is cut from the same cloth as all those "too big to fail" Wall Streeters that both Berniecrats and Tea Partiers hate.

Yet the myth persists that Trump is an anti-establishment figure who will change this rigged game.

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