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Massimo Pigliucci explains how he practices stoicism:

What does it mean, exactly, to "practice" a philosophy? Rather than write a theoretical essay on this, I figured it may be helpful to some readers to take a closer look at one example of Stoic practice, my own.

Here is an abbreviated version of his list:

• Morning meditation on a classical quote.

• Daylong ethical mindfulness.

• Consciously attempt to embody Epictetus' "role ethics."

• Evening philosophical diary.

• Occasional premeditatio malorum and/or view from above meditations.

• Active studying of Stoicism, by way of reading classics and moderns, and writing about them.

• Once weekly fasting.

• Regular self-imposed discomfort.

• Endurance and physical training.

"The above may sound like a lot," he continues, "but most of the activities mentioned actually take very little time, or do not need to be carried out every day:"

And at any rate, this is just my own example of how to live like a Stoic. Different people will develop their own versions, depending on what they find most useful, as well as on their level of commitment to the philosophy.

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