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Kyle Taylor's confessions of a gun range worker (as told to Mother Jones report Josh Harkinson) are a frightening glimpse into America's 2,100 gun ranges. "I've seen a lot," Taylor [a former employee at an Orange County, CA gun range] says:

I've witnessed multiple suicides. Three rampage shooters practiced at the Orange County range [Hesham Hadayet, Phong Thuc Tran, and Scott Dekraai]. The general vibe at the ranges has gotten much more extreme and paranoid. I don't think this is unique to where I worked. The gun industry is really changing for the worse.

Worse how, one might ask:

The ranges make a lot of their money from renting guns to people--those are the people you really have to watch out for. Like the time we rented a Ruger handgun to this woman. After I turned my back to her, she put the gun behind her ear and blew a nice, clean, round hole through the center of her head. [...]

Eventually the range started paying a service to come pick up the bodies and scrub everything. But before that happened, Christ, what was it? Bleach and kitty litter.

"There are some good bosses," Taylor writes, "but for the most part they willingly overlook the fact that this stuff is dangerous. And I'm not just talking about the guns:"

I started noticing a difference in the type of people coming to the range when Bill Clinton was president. It was the first time I had actually seen somebody post a picture of the president as a target. I told them, "Look, you can't do that." Now there's a company that sells targets with images of Obama, and they put apelike features on him.

Taylor points out that "The gun industry is making a killing, and it's doing its best to fan the flames:"

It all plays into people's paranoid fantasies, and guns are always the solution. They give people a sense of control in a world that is out of control. You go into the NRA convention and look around at the sea of faces-- I'm sorry, it's a bunch of paranoid white guys who see their country slipping away from them. They think people like Trump, or the gun industry, are the "real" Americans. The gun industry could give a rat's ass. They are laughing all the way to the bank.

"I'm leaving the industry," he writes, because "I don't want to have to be around a bunch of crazy people."

The rest of us don't, either--but we still live with them.

Until we don't.

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