secular immortality

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Hemant Mehta shares an excerpt from Phil Zuckerman's new book The Nonreligious: Understanding Secular People and Societies, wherein Zuckerman remarks that "Perhaps the ultimate existential threat to control, certainty, meaning, purpose, and social connection is the inevitability of death:"

Given that, for seculars, there is no comfort of literal immortality, does this mean that cultural worldviews do not play the same death-denying function for them? [...] For seculars, self-esteem and symbolic immortality may be derived from cultural accomplishments (such as writing a book!), artistic work, material possessions, or an ideology such as humanism. But are these forms of immortality less satisfying than eternity itself?

"When faced with death," he reminds us, "religious and secular alike often search for meaning:"

In a study about end-of-life concerns, atheists expressed a desire to find meaning in their own lives, to maintain connection with family and friends, and to experience the natural world through the experience of dying.

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