Fox and fascism

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Jeffrey Tayler shows how American Atheists president David Silverman is taking the fight to the enemy--in this case, Bill O'Reilly. Tayler notes that "when the Fox News talk show host referred to him and American Atheists as a 'merry band of fascists,' Silverman came close to - but only close to - losing his cool:"

"Fascists? Fascists? You call me a fascist?"

"Absolutely!" replied O'Reilly, showing no regard for the definition of fascism.

"I am a patriot, sir," fired back Silverman, "who's taking the craziest notion that everybody in this country is equal and that the government has to treat everybody fairly. That's fascism?"

O'Reilly tried to talk over him and misstate Silverman's argument, but Silverman retained his sang-froid and actually out-bullied O'Reilly: "We demand equality from the government and it's our constitutional right and you should be demanding it along with me!"

Tayler makes an observation about Sanders:

Sen. Bernie Sanders, said Silverman, professes to be a non-religious Jew, but holds that his religion is really "'we're all in this together'" which sounds "pretty humanistic." According to Silverman, "He's clearly an atheist."

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