conservatives vs. Captain America

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Amanda Marcotte examines Captain America's liberalism, and begins by making the following observation:

There's no surer evidence that conservative media coasts on exploiting the ignorance of its audience (and in many cases, the willful ignorance of its pundits) than the hissyfit being thrown over the first issue of a new run of Captain America comics.

In it, Sam Wilson (the super-hero formerly known as the Falcon) has assumed the role of Captain America. As Marcotte points out:

He also helps out undocumented immigrants that are being plagued by white supremacists. Oh yeah, and he's black, something white conservatives know better than to be openly angry about but Allen West will go ahead and get angry over for them.

Breitbart, Daily Caller, and Fox News all threw utterly fact-free temper tantrums over this new development, whining that Captain America's progressivism is somehow new and different and that his stance against racist conservatives is somehow a new development for the character.

Marcotte also references the 2013 essay "Captain America isn't just any hero" [see here] before diving into Cap's portrayal in the MCU:

The first movie is an allegory about how strength is useless without the liberal value of protecting the vulnerable behind it. The second movie is overtly political, a story that openly suggests that the "war on terror" is becoming indistinguishable from fascism.

The Steve Rogers from the movies is unmistakably liberal: Anti-racist, a lover of independent women, and a man who believes that the best patriot is one who questions his government instead of blindly follows orders. This characterization is consistent with the canonical Steve Rogers of the comic books, who has long been an icon of progressive patriotism, a believer that fighting for America should only be done if America defends its own liberal values.

"The fact that so many conservative outlets assumed, without even pausing to check their facts, that Captain America was a conservative character," she continues, "tells you nothing about the actual character, but everything about how conservatives mindlessly equate patriotism with reactionary politics:"

But, in reality, Captain America, particularly in his best stories, is an exploration of how patriotism is not the same thing as nationalism. Some of the best Captain America stories explore the dangers of nationalism, how it leads to paranoia and racism and war and the loss of basic freedoms. This latest story, where the new Captain America makes a stand against white supremacy and argues for the humanity of undocumented immigrants, is just following the long-established spirit of Captain America.

(Conservatives expressing ignorance of history while pretending to defend it--what a surprise!)

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