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Surely you've seen this logically pathetic pro-Christian image:


Jerry Coyne's response is great:


Rather reminiscent of Bill Nye's response to Ken Ham, don't you think?

Not that atheists are all alike by any means, but Greta Christina takes issue with claims that there is no atheist movement:

Technically, the only thing gay men and lesbians and bisexuals all have in common is that we're attracted to people of the same gender. And if we'd decided that we couldn't build a movement around that, we'd be in the crapper. Forget about same-sex marriage and employment non-discrimination -- we'd still be getting put in mental hospitals, getting our bars shut down by the police, getting arrested for just looking too gay. We haven't just built a movement -- we've built an extremely powerful movement, one that radically improved our lives and has had a significant impact on society at large.

Now. Translate, please, to atheists.

Her argument boils down to "don't argue that there isn't an atheist movement. There is:"

There is a movement dedicated to promoting the rights of atheists, countering the myths and bigotry against atheists, sharing and spreading ideas about atheism, creating supportive communities for atheists who have left religion, and more. That's the reality. And atheists should not be in the business of denying reality.

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