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Nautilus suggests that casual sex may be improving America's marriages:

For the past five years, my colleagues at and I have conducted an annual national study called Singles in America, and in each year, a majority of survey respondents have reported having a one-night stand. And 27 percent of our 2014 respondents reported having had a one-night stand turn into a long-term, committed partnership.

With data from the "Singles in America" survey, described as "an annual representative sample of over 5,000 Americans, based on the U.S. census," the piece notes that "these numbers have varied little over the past five years." The next question asked is, "Why do we hop into the sack with someone we hardly know?"

Perhaps because you learn a lot about a person between the sheets. You might even kick-start a real relationship: Any stimulation of the genitals promotes dopamine activity, which can potentially push you over the threshold into falling in love. At orgasm, oxytocin and vasopressin--neurochemicals linked with feelings of attachment--spike. With just one night of casual sex, risky as it is, you may win life's greatest prize: a devoted mating partner. [...]

Because feelings of attachment emerge with time, slow love is natural. In fact, rapidly committing to a new partner before the liquor of attachment has emerged may be more risky to long-term happiness than first getting to know a partner via casual sex, friends with benefits and living together. Sexual liberalism has aligned our courtship tactics with our primordial brain circuits for slow love.

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