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AlterNet suggests that Rand Paul is a faux Libertarian, because despite his "different kind of Republican" posturing, Rand Paul's "delicately crafted maverick image is far from the reality. Here are six things younger and more progressive voters need to know about Rand Paul:"

1. Rand Paul wants more military spending and more war in the Middle East.
Rand Paul introduced "a budget amendment calling for a whopping $190 billion increase to military spending."

2. Rand Paul would be even worse for students and the middle class than other Republicans. "Elementary students would lose school lunches, as well as children's health insurance programs and other food assistance:"

Rand Paul also supports repealing the Affordable Care Act, including its provision that allows Americans under 26 to remain on their parents' health plans.

And it's not just students and young adults who would suffer under Rand Paul. He would eliminate the Housing and Urban Development and Energy departments, crucial instruments for improving blighted neighborhoods, helping working Americans achieve middle-class stability, and moving the country toward a renewable energy future.

Last but not least, his budget also calls for privatizing Medicare and Social Security, slashing Medicaid, and dramatically cutting taxes on the obscenely wealthy during a period of record income and wealth inequality. He also wants to repeal even the modest constraints placed on Wall Street in the wake of the Great Recession. His flat tax plan would dramatically decrease taxes on the super-rich, and raise them on the poor and middle class.

3. Rand Paul voted against reforming the NSA.

4. Rand Paul opposes marriage quality and reproductive choice.

Despite styling himself as a libertarian who favors privacy rights, Rand Paul stridently opposes both abortion rights and gay marriage, sticking the government in your womb and in your bedroom. On abortion Rand Paul goes further than even many of his Republican colleagues, opposing abortion even in cases of rape and incest.

5. Rand Paul advocates for discriminatory laws. Paul "famously opposed the Civil Rights Act" [see here], a way to let local bigotry flourish:

If civil rights were left entirely up to states to decide, many states would still be stuck in the Jim Crow era. Which is precisely how conservative politicians like Rand Paul who advocate for "state's rights" in the realm of civil liberties want it.

6. Rand Paul does not support decriminalizing drugs.
"Democrats are leading the push for relaxation of drug laws over strident Republican opposition," and Paul is on the wrong side yet again.

TruthDig notes that, in general, GOP libertarians aren't all that Libertarian, and that "The whole notion of small government libertarianism has been hijacked by politicians who often represent the opposite:"

Also unmentioned in Cruz's announcement speech at Liberty University was data showing that the conservative school has received one of the largest amounts of government Pell Grant funding of any nonprofit university in America, according to the Huffington Post. That fact can be described with a lot of words, but "libertarian" probably isn't one of them.

Kentucky's Rand Paul is "the candidate who most openly embraces the libertarian brand," but his actions don't support his rhetoric--particularly his call for "a nearly $190 billion infusion to the defense budget over the next two years--a roughly 16 percent increase." Additionally, Paul is anti-choice on the abortion issue--another troubling sign:

While few believe across-the-board libertarianism is a pragmatic governing strategy, some of that ideology's core tenets--like respect for privacy and civil liberties--are valuable, constructive ideals. But when the most famous libertarian icons so often contradict themselves, those ideals are undermined. They end up seeming less like the building blocks of a principled belief system and more like talking points propping up a cheap brand--one designed to hide shopworn partisanship.

Other examples include Lindsey Graham and Ted Cruz, but the worst hypocrite at the moment seems to be Paul.

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