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Bill O'Reilly's systematic lying, writes Salon, is exemplified by how O'Reilly pontificated on the Brian Williams controversy back in February:

"He knows what he did was wrong. A lot of people exaggerate their life experience, and he got caught.... I don't think Americans care anymore. I think they're so used to being lied to, they're so cynical about the media, they don't trust the media at all," O'Reilly added.

And O'Reilly should know, because it turns out that he's among the people who "exaggerate their life experience." But so far, the reports of O'Reilly's strained relationship with the truth have neglected a very important point: He doesn't just lie about his own experiences - he lies about everything. And because "everything" includes important political issues, most of his lies are much more damaging than his claims to have drawn fire in the Falklands. From a myriad of examples, we've focused on five instances where O'Reilly's not just lying, but where he demonstrably knows he's lying, and doing so to better fit a right-wing slant.

Whether it's Benghazi bullshit, deceptive video editing, fantasies of voter fraud, Iraq's nonexistent WMDs, or his support for right-wing anti-abortion Christian terrorist Scott Roeder, O'Reilly can be counted on to be on the wrong side of, well, just about any issue. Media scholar Robert McChesney's introduction to The Oh Really? Factor: Unspinning Fox News Channel's Bill O'Reilly (2003) nailed it years ago:

It is one thing to make misstatements on a daily TV program; that is going to happen under the best of circumstances. But O'Reilly does so repeatedly and shamelessly. O'Reilly's disinterest in truth, in principle, in interrogating his own assumptions and in intellectual consistency is little short of breathtaking."

In another example, Rand Paul confirms the conservatism of Fox "News:"

Senator Paul told Howie [Kurtz] his appearances on Fox 'News' have been "extraordinarily helpful". Not only that, says Paul, "The emergence of Fox News has allowed there to be a conservative viewpoint."

His illustration for that claim is simple enough.

"When I was a kid, there were three networks, and they were all identical and they were all liberal. And now with Fox - and also with the Internet - there really is much more of a balance."

When he was a kid, those three networks actually reported facts, the things that are consistently missing from Roger Ailes' Republican News Channel, aka Fox "News". If they were perceived to be liberal, it's because facts have a liberal bias.

Rand Paul approaches the reliability of a proverbial stopped clock:

The only thing Rand Paul is accurate about is that they have indeed managed to game the Internet with all of their echo chamber websites, designed to create memes, Google-bomb names, and spread misinformation.

We call that the "Fox Effect."

Referring to Rand Paul's remark that same-sex marriage "offends myself and a lot of people," Crooks & Liars blogger John Amato wrote of Paul that, "When you hear him opine on issues coveted by the religious right, he falls squarely in their camp every time." The problem, however, is party-wide. National Memo lists 5 colossal mistakes that the GOP want to make again, snarking that "Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to seek the 2016 Republican nomination for president:"

What did Republicans learn from the first decade of the 21st century? A decade in which a record surplus became a record deficit. A decade in which America suffered the worst terrorist attack in her history, then responded with two disastrous wars financed by tax breaks mostly enjoyed by the rich. A decade in which wealth inequality soared to a point that we hadn't seen since before the Great Depression. A decade in which the American economy created zero net jobs for the first time since the 1930s.

Nothing, apparently.

1. Another disastrous war in the Middle East.

2. More and bigger tax cuts for the rich

3. More ground troops in Iraq.

4. Take health insurance from millions of Americans.

5. Another Bush in the White House

It's almost as if they're standing athwart history, yelling "Reverse!"

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