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Adam Lee explains why atheism is a force for good:

I've been asked by various critics why I don't leave atheism behind and join a group explicitly built on promoting social justice, if that's the cause that matters to me. Here's my answer to that: I stay, and I speak out, because I believe that atheism has value as an end in itself. It's too important a cause to be sabotaged by those who foolishly speak on topics outside their competence or knowledge.

In fact, I'd go further and say that a politically active, engaged atheist movement is a force for good in the world. The more success it enjoys, the more potential it has to benefit everyone. As such, it deserves our support and advocacy, even when it may stumble or go astray.

Lee sees atheism as "the acknowledgement of reality, and reality matters"--in fundamental contrast to faith, which "keeps us from what's real:"

The cosmos is beautiful enough as it is, deep enough as it is, glorious enough as it is; we need no small human fantasies to embellish it, nor a dusting of mythology to confer it all with meaning. The real story of how everything came to be and where we fit into the grand picture is more spectacular and awe-inspiring than any religion, and it has the virtue of being true. Embracing reality in all its fullness, unclouded by false hope or illusion, is the most profound of all the gifts that atheism has to offer the world.

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