Reza Aslan's demand for religious privilege

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Friendly Atheist takes issue with Reza Aslan's dismissive comments on Sam Harris:

"Sam Harris is a neuroscientist; he knows as much about religion as I do about neuroscience. The difference is that I don't go around writing books about neuroscience."

FA's retort is very much on point:

For my money, Aslan is well qualified to discuss religion. He's clearly applied himself to the topic in a scholarly fashion - and even if he hadn't, he'd still be more than welcome to think and agitate and write about the field, letting the strength of his reasoning carry him through the marketplace of ideas.

And the same is true for everyone else. Very much including Harris. [...] But even if Harris were a mere armchair scholar whose day job was carpentry or teaching high-school English, the only thing that would matter is how solid his ideas are and how appealing his writing.

Everything else is vanity and churlishness.

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