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It looks like political polarization is here to stay:

While Obama invested vast time and energy in trying to achieve a bipartisan health reform bill - adopting a Republican framework, postponing action for months while waiting for Senate Finance Committee chair Max Baucus to achieve a deal - voters continue to think the result is a unilateral imposition of a far-left scheme, using the fact that it had no Republican support, rather than the law's content, as an indicator.

The piece notes that "Democrats and liberals can't make polarization go away:"

They can't change the modern Republican Party by changing their own. [...] "So the question for liberals is not, should we play the same game as the conservatives? It is, how do we hope to achieve some progress in a structurally polarized system?" [...]

The paradox for liberals is that the public is not as polarized as politicians are, and that's particularly true for younger voters, who are responsible for the rebirth of Democratic liberalism since 2004 and for its future. The Millenials are overwhelmingly Democrats, tolerant social liberals, environmentalists, and see the need for government action to solve problems - but they are not "Fighting Dems," seeing Republicans and conservatives as mortal enemies.

It concludes that "The challenge, not only for liberals but also for moderates and for conservatives who hope to find some middle ground that makes progress towards their own goals, is to build institutions and strategies appropriate to this new alignment."

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