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MediaMatters explains a Fox article of faith, the fictitious Obama "apology tour" [see #15 on this list of 25 Obama "mistakes"]. Megyn Kelly, for example, "concluded it simply wasn't possible to claim the 'apology tour' hadn't happened:"

Why? Because many Fox News viewers think it did. It's one of their core beliefs. It's an article of faith.
KELLY: The words speak for themselves. Either people believe that was president Obama apologizing for America or they don't. But how can a fact checker say it's not true?

How can fact checkers say the claim of an "apology tour" isn't true when conservatives heard the clips and decided it is true? (This is akin to George Costanza logic: It's not a lie, if you believe it.)

MediaMatters asks frustratedly, "where does it end?"

Lots of Obama haters are sure the president's a foreign-born Muslim who can't stand big business. Is there any possible scenario in which fact checkers can convince those hardcore critics otherwise?

Not likely. Because they believe those things to be true. And you can't fact check faith.

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