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Writing about fandom, Parabasis (h/t: Alan Jacobs) noted that Avengers had "the best opening weekend in the history of the movies, both domestic and foreign" and observed that "The success of the Avengers is only a small part of a broader phenomenon: the rise of 'geek culture' as the single most powerful force, commercial and cultural, in the art and media landscape:"

The major genres and media once consigned to the realm of geek or nerd culture, such as science fiction, high fantasy, comic books, and video games now dominate both in terms of commercial success and popular attention. They are simply unavoidable. [...] Yet despite this dominance, there remains a remarkable sensitivity towards perceived slights among these genres' most dedicated fans.

The author goes so far as to suggest that "fans of geek culture have become like the Tea Party," because "both are so invested in certain grievances, and have so integrating airing those them into their culture, that they seem completely incapable of judging whether those grievances are rational:"

In both cases, what we have is the rage of the enfranchised: an implacable hunger for more recognition for a group that could scarcely be more recognized. And in both cases, feelings of exclusion and marginalization have become so deeply ingrained into the character of the movement that grievance threatens to overwhelm everything else, to define them entirely.

The recommended remedy is a dramatic bow while taking a victory lap:

Victory is yours. It has already been accomplished. It's time to enjoy it, a little; to turn the critical facility away from the outside world and towards political and artistic problems within the world of geek culture; and if possible, maybe to defend and protect those endangered elements of high culture. They could use the help. It's time for solidarity.

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