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new Occupy image

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The OWS movement is inspiring all sorts of creativity:


As one commenter wrote:

Republicans say "Don't blame Mordor for being evil, it was the Elves that created the rings of power. The Dark Lord is a job creator for millions of orcs and trolls, so it's time to defund the regulatory agencies like Gondor and Rohan that [prevent] evil from growing."

...in a rhetorical sense, of course:

H/t to Chris Bowers at DailyKos, who noted that "This may well be the first time a protest movement will air a positive branding ad."

Think different.

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Here's the original (un-aired) version of Apple's "Think different" ad, narrated by Steve Jobs:

iPhone irony

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The Westboro Baptist Church's assholery continues with a threat to picket the funeral of (Buddhist) Steve Jobs:


(Note the unintentional irony of sending this tweet from an iPhone...)

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