David Hicks and his journey out of Guantanamo

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The name David Hicks may be currently unknown to most Americans, but that needs to change (h/t: Jason Leopold at TruthOut). An Australian citizen who converted to Islam and trained in Pakistan and Afghanistan, Hicks was sold to US forces by the Northern Alliance and was spent several years in Guantanamo as detainee 002.

The details of his legal travails are at Wikipedia, but his memoir Guantanamo: My Journey is apparently unavailable in the US despite being released by a major publisher (Random House) and having been listed by Borders' Australian division. The Kindle edition is listed at Amazon with a cost of "Pricing information not available" and this geographic restriction:


The websites of Barnes & Noble, Books-a-Million, and Borders all responded with "no results" for the ISBN 9781864711585. Powell's has a listing with no product details, and not-so-helpfully notes that "This item may be out of stock." I visited a Borders store and asked if they could get a copy from their corporate counterparts down under; they could not. A few used copies of the book can be found online, but without listings from the major booksellers it effectively does not exist for American readers.

Who needs government censorship when corporations can already do it so effectively?

update (2/18):
Random House posted some excerpts from Hicks' book entitled A Chance Encounter, Captured in Afghanistan, and Guantanamo.

Hicks gave a rare interview to TruthOut's Jason Leopold and another one [correction: it was an op-ed edited to look like an interview; please see the comment by Mr Leopold] to the Sydney Morning Herald.

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Thank you so much for spreading the word on David Hicks' book and my report. I would just like to point out that Hicks never gave an interview to the Sydney Morning Herald. What happened was that Hicks submitted an op-ed to the SMH commenting on the disinformation that was being reported about him after his book was published last October. The Herald then took the op-ed and built questions around it to make it look as if it was an interview. It was a mini-scandal and Hicks' publicist sent out an advisory to the media signed by Hicks saying this was not an interview and blasting the Herald. His interview with me was actually his first official interview. Here's that press release. Just FYI:

13th December 2010

Press release

On Sunday the 12th of December, the Sun Herald printed an article that falsely claims that I have broken my silence ‘for the first time’. At no time did I agree to an interview with the Sun Herald. At this time I have still never given an interview to any media.

I provided the Sun Herald with an op-ed piece that I had written independently a few weeks previously. The op-ed comprehensively addresses the criticisms of my recently released book Guantanamo: My Journey.

However, the final article that went to print yesterday was edited to resemble a question and answer interview that I did not take part in and at no time agreed to. As I explained in the op-ed piece, due to six years of interrogations and isolation, I find it difficult to partake in interviews, and this is why I chose to write an op-ed piece.

I am still looking for a media organisation to print the op-ed in its entirety so that I may address the criticisms of my book in my own words.

The full account of my journey to Guantanamo and my time in the US run facility can still be found, in detail, in my book.

David Hicks.

Bookfinder.com is a handy meta-search site, which scans through nearly all of the major online booksellers. Searching for the title 'Guantanamo: My Journey' has no results, but searching for the ISBN gives 1 new and 5 used books, at AbeBooks, Alibris, and Biblio.com, for around $65-$85 (including shipping). However, they all list the title as "Guantanamo: My Story" instead of "My Journey" (though nothing shows up when that title is searched for, or even just looking for 'guantanamo' with an authour of 'hicks').

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