50 most dangerous liberals

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The latest cover of ClownHall magazine--complete with a Godfather-style puppeteer's hand--is titled The 50 Most Dangerous Liberals in America & Their Secret Agendas Exposed:


I understand how the far Right's whole scapegoat-seeking, conspiracy-driven paranoid mindset works, but I have one question: did I miss the epidemic of conservatives getting rubbed out for refusing offers from the (allegedly liberal) elite decision-makers and kingpins? Does the analogy really hold--are the people profiled here really exercising illegitimate authority, profiting from illegal activities, and promoting immoral violence--or is that more projection by the wingnuts?

Billionaire bogeyman George Soros takes the top spot and the Kenyan usurper Obama [who "surrounds himself with crazy (and very dangerous) people"] is at #3. Obama's advisor Cass Sunstein (4) is identified as the "regulation czar" [sic; actually Administrator of the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs] and John Holdren (13) is called the "science czar" [sic; actually Director of the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy].

The list provides plenty of insight into the Right's mindset, with the requisite claims of a "massive government takeover of health care" (PolitiFact's Lie of the Year) and the "massive stimulus that didn't work" (FactCheck points out that the stimulus did work) along with offhand remarks about "so-called greenhouse gases," "abortion on demand (infanticide/genocide)," and complaints about "stopping global warming (fear mongering)." Further instances of the Rashomon Republicans' problems with reality are the ACLU (18) being criticized for its "never-ending assault [sic] on America's core values" and Al Gore (30) for "promoting his [sic] ideas about global warming." Townhall digs deep for the tinfoil-hat crowd, with the "Democrat [sic] Shadow Party" (11) as perhaps the most fanciful of all.

Mass-media outlets are targeted by particular animus, with NYT publisher Bill Keller (20) joining columnists Paul Krugman (32) and Thomas Friedman (48). Media Matters (41) is smeared as "a far-left attack and smear machine" guilty of promulgating "blatant falsehoods" [has someone been watching Fox too much?] and MSNBC (44) called a "sea of ignorance, partisan invective, and unhinged diatribes" [enough about Fox, already].

No right-wing hit list would be complete without unions (#12 AFL-CIO and #14 SEIU), SC Justices (#21 Ginsberg, #26 Breyer, #39 Kagan, and #42 Sotomayor), and comedians (#28 Jon Stewart and #49 Bill Maher) as well as Harry Reid (24) and Nancy Pelosi (34). Bloggers Arianna Huffington (16) and Markos (40) make the list along with Oprah (37), well above the why-are-they-still-obsessing-about-him Bill Ayers (46).

On balance, this piece is as close to being fractally wrong as anything I've seen since my last regular visits to ClownHall and WingNutDaily.

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