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There's a neophyte-friendly "Remembering Frank Zappa" piece at PopMatters, observing that Zappa "was around so long, was so productive and had (has) such a fanatical following, it's difficult for the uninvolved observer to make heads or tails of his legacy:"
Zappa's dense catalog of recordings is serious, ceaselessly rewarding, and likely to be dissected several generations from now. [...] His music was too complex, challenging, and ultimately unclassifiable for mass consumption. [...] His approach was kitchen-sink in the best possible connotation of that term. He was too intelligent, ambitious, and driven to create material that fit comfortably into any simple category.
The piece inexplicably fails to mention Zappadan, the annual holiday between the dates of Zappa's death (4 December) and birth (21 December). I recommend the ongoing Zappadan series over at Mock, Paper, Scissors, which features various Zappa clips (musical and otherwise). During Zappadan this year, I'll be listening to The Grand Wazoo (my first Zappa album), Joe's Garage (an old favorite), and Yellow Shark (a new favorite). Zappa's serious talent didn't mean that he couldn't be wickedly funny. For example, here is Zappa's response to the Christianist "Parental Advisory" warning stickers on CDs:

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